How To Get Medical Cannabis in 3 Steps

in Baltimore


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How To Get Medical Cannabis in 3 Steps in Baltimore MD

Register with the State For Your MMCC Card

To get started, you must first register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC). The MMCC is responsible for verifying Maryland state residency and issuing medical cannabis IDs.

What you’ll need to register:

  • Registration fee ($50 payable by card only)
  • Valid email address
  • Photo ID
  • If your address has recently changed, you will also need to provide two proofs of address.

Once your registration has been processed, the MMCC will send an approval email. This email will also contain an MMCC identification number, which will be important in the next step.

Consult with a Certifying Health Provider that can get you certified for your MMCC Card.

The second step is to consult with a certifying health provider. This is our specialty at Mt Washington Cannabis Docs! A medical cannabis consultation is much like a doctors visit. Our licensed certified nurse practitioners consult with and certify patients.

What you’ll need to get certified:

Certification fee (see our pricing & schedule an appointment)
Photo ID
Medical documentation (optional but preferred)
Your MMCC identification number issued by the MMCC
Once you have been certified, the MMCC will mail your medical cannabis ID card. In the meantime, you may visit a dispensary with your MMCC Certification or a temporary ID card (printable from your MMCC patient portal).

Visit A Dispensary

The final step is to visit a dispensary. Once you have obtained both your registration and certification, you can now shop at local dispensaries.

It is important to note that medical cannabis treatment is a personalized journey. Medical cannabis patients have the freedom to tailor their medicines in a unique way. We recommend brushing up on some cannabis basics before your first visit to a dispensary.

Here’s what you’ll need on your first visit to a dispensary:

  • Photo ID
  • MMCC ID card or MMCC Certification

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Cannabis Docs is a medical cannabis clinic serving the Greater Baltimore area. It is our mission to empower the Marland medical cannabis community through our services, education and outreach.

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