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Looking to get your Maryland Medical Cannabis Card online? Look no further…We can help you get your MMCC Certification or Renewal from the comfort of your own home.

Reinventing Office Visits

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If you’re looking to get your medical marijuana card, look no further! We have the experience and expertise that will make this process as easy for you as possible. Have you ever wanted to see a doctor without having to leave your house? Well now, Maryland residents can consult with their physician online from the comfort of their own couch!

Visit Digital Or In Person

Our doctors are licensed in Maryland and want to ensure you have a comfortable experience. They understand that ease is our top priority. You can visit online or come by our office.

Discuss Your Symptoms

Our trained doctors will go over your symptoms and discuss the best treatment options for your condition. MMCC certified doctors will walk you through every step of your certification process.

Receive Your MMCC ID number

We will help you get your MMCC ID number and walk you through the entire process. We have done thousands of applications and can help you through the process quickly and painlessly.

Visit A Dispensary

You deserve access to the best cannabis. That’s why we’ll send you a list of legal dispensaries in your area so that you can start purchasing legally right away. We will even help you find and choose your first dispensary for purchase!

Leave a Review!

You are not obligated to, but we would appreciate a quick review of our services. This helps us to improve our services and also helps other patients looking for MMJ to choose the best provider for their needs. 

Some Things Are Easier From The Couch

If you’re looking for a safe and reliable Medical Marijuana Doctor in Maryland, look no further. Fells Point Cannabis Docs has taken the necessary precautions to make sure that both our patients and team members are as protected from uncertainty during this time of transition as possible with options like Telemedicine Appointments available on site or online if you prefer not to take up your day waiting at an office.

Fell’s Point Cannabis Doctors takes pride in being one of Maryland’s safest marijuana medical clinics by implementing many safety measures including tele-appointment availability for those who want their medicine without having any contact with us whatsoever!

Why Choose us

Fells Point Cannabis Docs offers a wide selection of healthcare professionals, including physicians and nurses. You can speak to one of our customer service representatives who are available Sunday through Saturday for assistance  FPCD will provide you someone with extensive knowledge about medical cannabis certification so they can connect you with their practice today!

Every healthcare professional at Fells Point Cannabis Docs is licensed to certify patients for medical marijuana. Our customer service team is always here 7 days per week – ready to answer any questions along the way as well as provide guidance on how long it may take before receiving approval after submitting an application if approved

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Want to learn more about how medical marijuana can help your ailments? Consult with a marijuana physician online or in person who will answer any questions you have.

  • Avatar Alexis Davis ★★★★★
    First off let me say Dana is AWESOME ! I was ripped off the same day by another place so my day was already bad. I called this placed and Dana immediately made me feel super welcome! Not only that but he helped squeezed me in for an appointment … More and made sure I was seen ! Done hesitate to come here !!! Thanks again Dana
  • Avatar dewald de lange ★★★★★
    Professional staff, friendly service, informative, comfortable setting. Fast service and I did not realize how easy the wonderful staff made it for me!
  • Avatar Tameka Virgo Jolie ★★★★★
    I have looked at many different places online to find just the right doctor to help all my needs and Fells Point Cannabis Docs blew all of my expectations! The process was so simple and fast! I couldn’t believe it! Dana is so wonderful … More and she really helped me understand many things and I loved talking with her because she actually listens and wants to make others happy. I felt so comfortable with her and she is such a life saver. When I initially called just to get information, all my questions was answered and they were very friendly and made me feel at ease. I am sooo happy to have found Fells Point Cannabis Docs and I look forward to watching this awesome company grow! I stand with them FOR LIFE 😉
  • Avatar Alycia McInnis ★★★★★
    Aaron was very knowledgeable and helpful, he answered every question I had by providing me excellent exceptional customer service, Dr. Rachel was amazing again she provided me with the proper education to help treat my condition, thank … More you and thank you again from the bottom of my heart, today I was able to regain my independence by being able to be treat my illness effectively and efficiently. I feel as if I have a new lease on my life. Keep up the good work!!! I highly recommend if anyone is in need of a provider to check them out.


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